Announcing My New Book

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues…

It’s finally done. After years, if not decades of hearing me talk of writing a book about the golden age of sports television, it’s finally out there, available in cyberspace for all to read.

It belongs to all of you. Certainly to my family who lived the times with me, and to friends who patiently heard the telling of the tales and exploits over five decades. Especially, though, to all of you who shared the extraordinary experience of being on the team that produced myriad hours of television for millions of Americans each and every weekend for the 38 years ABC’s Wide World of Sports was regularly seen. Without you, ABC Sports never would have happened. Neither would this book.

The book is called “The World Was Our Stage…Spanning the Globe With ABC Sports.” The writing began as a series of anecdotes about the amazing people we all covered in the “human drama of athletic competition.” However, it expanded into an historically oriented narrative, told against a background of the progression of television coverage and the social and political dynamics of the times.

You can “Let the games begin” by going to: www.dougwilsonabcsports.com to learn more about it, pick up your own copy and to reminisce about “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”

Looking forward…gratefully…